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Ybor City Protection Initiative


If you are from the Tampa Bay Area, then you know very well about our Historic Ybor City District. Ybor City for years has been a tourist destination in which families can enjoy some of the history of our beloved city. Ybor is also very popular for its night life entertainment, in which friends can gather for drinks, and some of the finest dining in the Tampa area.  The Ybor City Protection Initiative, is sponsored by Red Variable Concepts in which we are teaming up with local Business owners in the area to increase the safety and security awareness help bring reassurance to patrons and hospitality workers alike that we care about Ybor City, and want to see it shine once again. 

If you are a local Business owner, Hospitality Worker, or someone who lives in the area, Please feel free to sign up, and become part of our mailing list. We will be sending out weekly bulletins, that will include local crime trends, what happened the past week, and safety tips, that will assist in making Ybor a better place for all. 

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Tampa Police Department has jurisdiction in Ybor City and is constantly evolving their efforts in combatting the crime; but they can't do it alone. It takes the cooperation of Business owners and workers in the area to assist, by reporting activity they come in contact with. For all non-emergency issues, please immediately contact the Tampa Police Department via their non-emergency number 813-231-6130


Please Dial 911 for ALL EMERGENCIES!

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