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On-Call/Mobile Protection Services

In today's day and age.......... personal safety is being compromised left and right. Not everyone can afford their own "Personal Bodyguard". We understand that budgets are in place and that everyone should be allowed some sort of elevated protection.  RVC is capable of providing that service by teaming up with a revolutionary new technology company in which we can monitor your location, notify law-enforcement upon activating your personal alarm and if possible have one of our armed protection professionals that are on stand by too respond.

Who can this benefit?

  • Real Estate Agents providing a home showing/Open House

  • Attorneys traveling to and from high profile criminal cases

  • Children walking to and from school

  • Girls night out on the town

  • Blind Dates

  • Stalking

  • Capabilities of coverage are only limited to your imagination

NOTE: This is only available throughout the Tampa Florida area at this time
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