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Religious Services Protection Plans

The Reality of Violence at Church

  • While rare, acts of violence do occur at churches.

  • Violent acts may include robbery, assault, rape, even attempted murder or murder.

  • The majority of violent acts are carried out by people who have some connection to the congregation.

  • The most common violent act at churches, as with schools, is a shooting.

  • Often there are pre-cursors or warning signs to the violent act, such as threats or previous outbursts, disputes, or confrontations.

  • Most churches are unprepared for a violent event or its aftermath.

Who is at Risk?

  • No church is immune to the risk of a violent episode occurring.

  • Churches of all sizes, locations, and resources have experienced acts of violence.


Can a Violent Outburst Be Avoided?

  • There is no assurance that a violent episode in church can be avoided. However, you can be prepared for the possibility of an incident occurring.

  • By taking personal responsibility for the safety of your church, you will have done the best thing possible to prevent a violent incident from occurring.

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