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Dark Web Monitoring

Red Variable Concepts, offers a unique service in monitoring social media and the dark web for threat mitigation and protective intelligence. This service allows real time 24/7 monitoring by our intelligence analysts. We are able to monitor over 20 different social media sites, in addition to those utilized by the black market and terrorist organization.

We utilize open source threat intelligence and data aggregation platform that helps companies extract key information and gain situational awareness from publicly available information sources for predictive intelligence and real time issues management, as well as brand monitoring and post-incident review.



While many security teams monitor social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for their protective intelligence, there are many that aren’t monitored that could detect potential harm to a client, business, location, or event. Here are a few additional social media sites that may be chosen by those who may want to target your client.


Discord: Originally designed for the Twitch gaming community to communicate, it is a free service and is currently being used by terrorist organizations and gangs to communicate with one another. There are over 200 million users.


VKontakte: VKontakte (VK) is one of the most popular social networks in the world, with over 500 million accounts, is compared to Facebook, however unlike Facebook, VKontakte falls under Russian operating laws, meaning a lack of IP restrictions and fertile ground for all kinds of activity.


Reddit: The 7th most visited website in the US (and 22nd in the world), Reddit is an online forum and news aggregator. With over a million subreddits, basically anything you can think of, a redditor has talked about it.


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